6 Workout Tips For Beginners

How To Get Started Working Out

The time for sun-bathing and bikini-wearing is here and it’s about time that you finally get that beach body you’ve always wanted. Remember to stay cool while working out by reading our Cooling Towel Guide. To get started working out here’s our 6 tips for how you can get in shape whether you’re going to a gym or just working out from home.

  • Set Long and Short Term Goals

Nothing gets someone motivated and ready to get going quite like seeing a bulleted list of well-defined goals. Whether you’ve been working out for a long time or just starting out, having goals makes it easier to stay consistent and to follow through on your progress.

  • Pick the Type of Workout That Best Suits Your Needs

There are a variety of training styles available today, from the more conventional bodybuilding to a more modern style like Crossfit. Knowing what you want to achieve is essential if you want to maximize your time and avoid switching programs. Once your body adjusts to your basic workout style, it becomes far easier to tailor more advanced programs based on more specific goals.

  • Let your Body Adjust

The most common reason why most people give up on their workout programs is that they don’t let their bodies adjust to the new stresses it’s put under. Don’t just follow some random guide you found on Gains-R-Us blindly. Listen to what your body tells you. Yes, a certain amount of “pushing yourself” is necessary for a workout program to be effective, but if you feel like working out today might do you more harm than good, make adjustments to the program. Decrease rep numbers and weights if needed, maybe even take a day off if it hurts too much. Don’t risk injuring yourself.

  • Birds of the Same Feather

We’ve all been here before, you finally get the nerve to go to your local gym and you suddenly become discouraged because you might see some people in really great shape. Don’t worry, it’s common to feel that way. A good strategy is to go as a group or with a friend. That way you can motivate each other and see each other’s progress. 

  • Equip Yourself

This tip might not be as important for when you’re just starting out, nonetheless, we still consider this to be a very important point if you really are serious about getting in shape. Having the proper equipment like yoga mats for yoga, breathable and comfortable clothes (that are appropriate), and even the right pair of headphones or earphones can make all the difference in the quality and safety of your workouts.

  • Manage Your Expectations

Let’s get one thing straight, you’re not going to get that toned six-pack in half a year or even a year. Getting in shape requires years of consistent work. Maybe you’ll see your results in your first year and go “Why don’t I look like a magazine model yet?”. Well, that’s just the way it is. Building quality muscle is a very slow process. So it’s important that you manage your expectations and know that your efforts will pay for themselves one day, and then some.

Making decisions for your health like exercising can take a lot of willpower to execute, but exercise benefits everyone no matter their status in life. Whether you’re rich or poor, a student or a single father, exercise is something that you owe to yourself so you can live a long and enjoyable life.

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