What Is Cold Stress?

The Dangers And Effects Of Cold Stress Cold stress or hypothermia can affect workers who are not protected against cold. The cold may occur naturally (e.g., from weather conditions) or be created artificially (e.g., from refrigerated environments). Cold is a physical hazard in many workplaces. When the body is unable to warm itself, serious cold-related …

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Exposure Limits For Working In The Cold

Are There Exposure Limits In Cold Environments? In the US, the legislation from some jurisdictions provides a range of acceptable temperatures for specific circumstances. Working in a cold environment can involve several adverse effects on human performance and health. Workers suffering from exposure to the cold can experience thermal discomfort, increased strain, decreased performance, and …

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What Is Windchill?

Windchill And Its Effects At any temperature, you feel colder as the wind speed increases. The combined effect of cold air and wind speed is expressed simply as the “wind chill” temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is essentially the air temperature that would feel the same on exposed human flesh as the given …

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