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How To Stay Cool While Traveling

For a lot of people, vacation means going to warm, tropical places, and indeed many of the world’s most enticing vacation destinations are also some of its warmest (often throughout the year). If you want to stay cool, then read on and learn more about how you can beat the heat while you travel.

An enjoyable trip can quickly turn sour or even dangerous if the temperature or humidity soar and you lack the proper precautions. Whether you’re headed to the Caribbean, the beaches of California, or the majestic deserts of Egypt, you should always be wary of the dangers of staying out in the sun for too long and what to do in case you do start to feel unwell.

Helpful Tips For Traveling In Hot Weather

Keep your head and neck cool

Wear a cool wet towel, bandana, or a neck gaiter (sometimes called a buff) around your neck so you can keep that area cool. It probably won’t lower your core body temperature but it can make you feel good and improve your mood in the heat.

Apply sunscreen liberally

Bright, sunny skies are often accompanied by hot temperatures. If you’re planning that next vacation and decide to go somewhere that receives a lot of sunlight, then be sure to pack a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Usually, an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended if you’re very sun-sensitive or have had skin cancer.

Wear breathable clothing

You should always opt for lightweight, lightly colored, breathable clothing that’s not too restrictive. A good hat can also help you with managing heat and sun. Alternatively, you can also invest in wicking fabrics. These fabrics transfer sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate quicker. Wickable fabrics are usually synthetic, though not always; you may be surprised to learn that thin Merino wool garments are actually capable of wicking moisture and light enough to wear in hot weather.

Plan your days efficiently

In most places, the hottest period in the day is usually from about noon to 3 pm. Staying indoors or in the shade lessens your chances of overheating. Plan your day accordingly so that you aren’t caught outside in the elements during these times. Maybe go to a spa or have a long lunch before resuming your vacation antics when the sun isn’t beating down. 

What To Do When You Overheat

  • A recent study found out that immersing your hands and feet in cold water for about 20 or so minutes can do a great deal in helping cool you down. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseous at any time during your travel, be sure to find help immediately and communicate to them that you need an ice bath. 
  • If you or anyone experiences one of the early symptoms of heat illnesses (muscle cramps, lightheadedness, vomiting, or excessive sweating), move to a cooler place and loosen and tight clothing you may have on.
  • If these symptoms do not subside, seek immediate professional medical help by dialing the applicable emergency numbers. Do not wait around and give heat the time it needs to inflict permanent damage to your body.


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