More Fall Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List

Don’t Miss These Fun Fall Activities

We’re well into the fall and the year is almost over. Regardless of whether the leaves around you change color or not, fall is a time to take some time for yourself. Maybe it’s time that you work on your fitness with the best cooling towels on the market?

These things are sure to keep you on your feet this fall and we’re sure to keep updating this list if we see any other activities that you might want to cross off your bucket list this fall.

Throw A Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving, a growing tradition spawned from the custom of Thanksgiving has been a favorite among many. The mash-up word between “friends” and “thanksgiving” entered the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2020 and it is your typical Thanksgiving meal but just for your closest friends. 

Eat Some Candy Corn

Originally known as ‘chicken feed’, the production of the tri-colored candy corn began in the 1880s and has since become a staple of Halloween and fall. For over 100 years these sugar-loaded candies have been passed out to trick-or-treaters, so if you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time!

Bring A Freshly Baked Pie To Your Neighbor

Make sure you squeeze a little kindness into your fall bucket list. Modern times may be hectic and sometimes alienating but fall is always a good time to be a little more mindful and show some neighborly love. Pack all the tastes of autumn into a seasonal pie and show a little kindness to the ones next door.

You can always find great pie recipes on the internet, but for something extra special, you can always look to gourmet sites or dedicated baking channels on YouTube or Facebook.

Experiment With Autumn Cocktails

The flavors of autumn are many, from the taste of a spicy pumpkin latte to apple cider. Fall is also the time for cranberries and figs which pairs to be added to punches and sangria. Plus, it’s a time of hot mulled cider, boozy hot chocolate and apple cider hot toddies (shots) added to a cup of hot water. Take all these traditional flavors and drinks to create your own autumn-inspired cocktail. 

Tailgate At A Football Game

For those of you who never have heard of it before, it’s when you have a casual gathering in the parking lot of a stadium before a game (typically football). Time-honored American traditions such as tailgating speak of fall and are enjoyed by all – even those who don’t enjoy football. Even those of you who don’t go to the football game can still recreate the tailgate experience with some snacks and a few friends to cheer for your team from the comfort of your own couch.

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