More Winter Activities You Should Try

Things To Do When You’re Bored This Winter

Wondering what to do with yourself during the snowiest stretch of the calendar? Worry not. If there’s one thing we humans excel at, it’s devising ways to kill time. Whether you’d like to explore the icy wilderness or stay indoors, there are a lot of fun activities to be done in the winter season. From snowshoeing, finding a new workout routine with your top rated cooling towel, to duct-tape art, these winter hobbies will make the frosty days fly by. 

A lot of these activities can be done by yourself but they’re certainly better with friends or family. So not only are these activities a good motivator for yourself, but they can also be a family affair so you can bond this winter.

Air Boarding

If you want to pick a hobby that is a step up from regular sledding, air boarding is the thing for you.

Air boarding is a more extreme version of sledding that involves a Kevlar-reinforced air cushion instead of a sled. Air boarding provides a faster and more vigorous ride and you can even control which direction you are going by utilizing edges that are built into the air board.

This east coast-invention can be done on steeper than normal hills and helmets are usually required. Airboards aren’t too expensive either and can be purchased online or rented from various resorts.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is very similar to regular skiing. The main difference is that cross country skiing requires skiers to use their own “locomotion” to move across the snow rather than using gravity.

Cross-country skiers employ a gliding motion to travel distances on various trails and courses. This hobby provides great exercise and can be done anywhere there is snow.

Getting involved in cross country skiing is rather easy and much of the equipment can be rented for a cheap price. The hardest part is choosing which trail you want to ski on.

Snow Snaking

Snow snake is a native American winter game played using various sizes of sticks. The main goal of a snow snake match is to slide or throw you stick further than your opponents.

Snow snake is such a unique game that has a rich history. If snow snaking sounds like something that you would like to get into, we would suggest reading up on how to play it on the Oneida Indian Nation’s website to know all about this rich and cultured game.

Snowball Fights

Snowball fighting is like winter dodgeball. You have to be crazy to not enjoy a good snowball fight! You may be wondering though, how can snowball fighting be a winter hobby. Surprisingly you can actually join a snowball fight team or a league where you go up against each other.

Over the years there have been many huge snowball fights that have been organized. In fact, in 2010 a world record was set in South Korea when 5,387 people participated in an all-out snowball fight. We don’t know about you, but this is something we would want to be a part of.

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