Summer Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Tips And Gear For Summer Riding

Dressing appropriately for a warm weather ride can be quite the challenge, but there are a number of very affordable ways and items you have access to remain cool and stay fully geared up as opposed to sacrificing your safety by wearing shorts, tanks tops and flip flops while on the road. Bikers often enjoy the best cooling neck wraps to cool themselves on the ride, so why should you settle for anything less?

Summer Gear To Keep You Cool

  • Kevlar clothing:
    Kevlar is a synthetic aromatic polyamide weave (or “aramid” for short) that’s used for many practical applications. Not only is it an amazing anti-abrasive and anti-puncture material used to make bulletproof vests, body armor, jackets, gloves, shirts, pants and socks, but it is also considerably cooler to wear than leather or Cordura making it perfect for hot weather wear.
  • Vented Riding Boots:
    Many motorcycle gear companies offer perforated and vented shoes or boots to help keep air circulating around your feet while you ride making them less sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Vented Gloves:
    One of the first instincts, when you’re about to fall, is to attempt to catch yourself with your arms. This could cause your hands to sustain some wicked skid marks, if not actual abrasions and cuts. DO NOT take the risk. There are many styles of vented gloves on the market out there so you can preserve your palms while keeping them cool.
  • Cooling compression underlayers:
    Without going into too much of the technical detail, these compression garments work exactly as packaged: “Our forearms, upper arms, upper back and shoulders usually take the most beating, along with our quads, thighs, and calves. We created a targeted compression garment that focuses on these specific areas of fatigue only, allowing for a little breathing room in other areas, not in need of compression. Compression fit garments provide enough compression to reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles (which causes that burning sensation) when performing high intensity activities like riding on the track. It also reduces muscle vibration which causes fatigue.”

    Compression clothing is meant to fit underneath a racer’s one piece leather riding suit. 
  • Neck wraps, cooling bandanas:
    There are a number of these types of products on the market today. Some are filled with gelatin beads, while others have cooling towels built into them. In both cases, you submerge them in water and let them absorb as much as they can. Then, you tie them around your neck or forehead. The rushing wind during your ride will help cool the water – which in turn will help cool you down. A neck wrap or bandana with a cooling feature usually costs around $10 and they’re reusable, making them a very affordable option.
  • Cooling Vests:
    There are a number of cooling vests on the market ranging from $50 to $250. Some of the most popular models have inserts that you remove, fill with water, and put in the freezer. Once fully chilled, you place the inserts back into the pockets of the vest. Other models require that you soak the entire vest, put it in the freezer to chill, and then wear it. When the wind goes over the cool water in the vest, it keeps your core temperature down.
  • Vented Helmets:
    Light-colored helmets will attract less heat and when they also offer venting, they help keep you cool. A number of brands offer stylish helmets that allow for great visibility and protection while allowing for airflow.


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