Top Tips For Sleeping With Air Conditioning

Helpful Guide For Sleeping With AC

Air conditioning is probably the most obvious solution to modern heat problems. However, it may not always be the best: headaches, stiff necks, joint pains, and allergies are just some of the major conditions that can be caused by the improper use of your air conditioner. We’re here to show you the correct AC temperature for sleeping.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning

Air conditioning has changed much of how we live.  It has allowed us to work and be productive even during the hottest hours of the day, and to easily carry out many of our daily activities in such a way that we avoid heat strokes, and it even helps us sleep better.

The problem comes in how we use air conditioning. It’s most of the time incorrect, causing headaches, stiff necks, and various joint related pains, not to mention some respiratory problems and gastrointestinal disorders. AC temperatures have to be carefully monitored in order for them to be fully safe for when you leave it on the whole night.

So basically, setting the air conditioner at 20 degrees Celsius when it’s 38 degrees outside isn’t really the best idea if you want to preserve your well being. A temperature difference of more than 10 degrees is a big change for your body to be put under especially if you plan to go back and forth between temperatures.

AC Temperature Tips

  1. Set the temperature to a maximum of 6 to 7 degrees below the outside temperature to avoid temperature shock;
  2. Never direct the air blower directly on your body. It’s always better to point it a little upwards so the cool air falls like a gentle blanket on you;
  3. If you don’t want to wake up all sore, and trust us, you don’t, it would be better to switch on the AC in your room before you go to bed and just switch it back off during the night when you actually sleep. Let the residual cold from the “accumulation” phase provide the soft cooling that’s best for sleeping;
  4. Remember to clean your air conditioner’s filters regularly so as to not spread dangerous microorganisms and particulates into the air;
  5. Use the timer functions, which most modern air conditioners have, to set the conditioner’s automatic shutdown. Once you’ve fallen asleep, your body will naturally cool down a couple of degrees so you will be able to sleep without problems!

In Conclusion

The key takeaway we want all of our readers to get from this article is that air while air conditioning is truly a modern marvel, it can also have some negative effects if not used properly. 

Remember, always set your air conditioning temperature to a maximum of a 6 or 7-degree temperature difference from the outside temperature and never point the outgoing air directly on your body unless you want to wake up sore. 

With these tips in mind, we hope that you’ll have plenty of restful nights with your air conditioning and your new-found knowledge on how to properly set your AC’s temperature. 

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