Unconventional Winter Activities You Should Try This Year

If You Haven’t Tried These, It’s About Time You Did

Finding fun things to do in the winter can be quite the challenge, especially in these troubling times. The winter months can be long, dark, and boring. The cold weather and short days can lead to unhealthy habits, like overeating, spending too much time on the internet, or sleeping too much. What happened to working out with your favorite top rated cooling towel?

So while you don’t need to entertain yourself all through the winter, it can be helpful to create a list of “things to do when bored.” Then, when you get bored or you catch yourself spending too much time in front of screens and the internet, we recommend you pick something to do from this list.

Doing some of these activities with some friends might introduce a new dimension to these activities but everything listed here is 100% solo safe. And, you might find they are some easy ways to give yourself plenty of positive attention during the winter months.

Ice Winery And Vineyard Tours

Visiting a winery during the winter may sound like an odd idea, but there is a lot to see and a lot of wine to try out (if you’re into wines.)

One of the main reasons that you should visit a winery in the winter is to try out various types of ice wines. Ice wine is a dessert wine that is produced using grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. These dessert wines are said to be very sweet and decadent.

In addition to that, visiting a winery in the winter allows you to beat the crowds that would normally be there during the warmer months. There are multiple vineyards and wineries that offer ice wine tours. One of the most famous ice wineries is one called The Ice House Winery and is located in Niagara, Canada.


If you are already into dirt biking or cross-country skiing, snowmobiling will be right up your alley. Snowmobiling provides extreme winter fun as you blast through the snow at incredible speeds. It is by far the best winter motorsport hobby to get into.

Snowmobiling can be done almost anywhere there is snow and passable terrain. You also have the opportunity to take this hobby even further by participating in competitive snowmobiling tournaments or by getting air off of your jumps. Just remember to gear up with all the proper safety equipment.

If you’re new to snowmobiling, it can be a little expensive, as you will have to buy or rent a snowmobile and have a truck or trailer to transport it, but It is well worth the investment if you can make it.

Snow Kneeboarding

Snow kneeboarding is as the name implies. You use a special kneeboard that you kneel on and you are pulled behind a motor vehicle or you can even use a wind kite to propel you through the snow.

Many dudes enjoy this hobby and the good news is that kneeboarding isn’t very expensive. All you need is a tow rope and a kneeboard.

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