Winter Excursions To Try No Matter Your Mood

Outdoor Winter Activities For You To Enjoy

The air has turned cooler, but there are still lots of ways to enjoy winter and these fun winter activities will surely keep you warm. Don’t let the season pass without doing at least a few of the things on this list. While we can’t be active and work out with top rated cooling towels this winter, activities to try this winter are in no short supply. Be sure to avoid the winter blues by doing activities you love. Winter doesn’t have to keep you cooped up inside. Get out and enjoy the elements. All you need is some proper layers and you’ll barely feel the cold.

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Ice Yachting

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to ice yachting. An ice yacht can reach speeds up to 100 kilometers an hour.

Ice Yachting is done by sliding across the ice in a boat or yacht with metal blades on the bottom. It is much like ice skating on a lake while being propelled by the wind through the use of a sail.

This extreme sport may be just the hobby for you. There are races held every winter. You can even stop by one of the races if you want to sample what it would be like to be on a snow yacht.


Broomball is essentially hockey’s cousin. The two are very similar and only differ slightly. Broomball can be played on ice and uses a ball instead of a puck and a specialized stick (called a broom).

Surprisingly, broomball gleans a lot of strategy and gameplay techniques from soccer. It could be said that it is a mix of both hockey and soccer.

If you want to develop a new hobby, broomball is the thing to try. It is unique and there are teams all over the world you can join. In fact, it is rumored that the IFBA is considering adding this sport to the Winter Olympics. Why not start? You may even be able to win a gold medal someday.

Wintertime Bonfires

If you are itching to get outside but the cold is not your friend, a warm winter bonfire is just the thing for you. There is nothing better than feeling the heat of a fire and hearing the soothing crackling wood and roaring of the fire. Just imagining the glow of the embers on a cold winter night is enough to relax and warm anybody to the bone

Instead of starting a small fire in your fireplace (if you even have one), why not get outside and have a more intimate experience. It may be a good idea to even bring some hot dogs to cook or s’mores to roast.

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