What Is Windchill?

Windchill And Its Effects At any temperature, you feel colder as the wind speed increases. The combined effect of cold air and wind speed is expressed simply as the “wind chill” temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is essentially the air temperature that would feel the same on exposed human flesh as the given …

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Factors When Working In Cold Weather

What Modifies Our Response To The Cold? A cold environment challenges the worker in 3 ways: by air temperature, air velocity (wind speed), and humidity (wetness). In order to work safely, these challenges have to be counteracted by proper insulation (layered protective clothing), by physical activity, and by limited exposure to the cold (work/rest schedule). …

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How Insulation Keeps You Warm

The Science Behind Insulation If you’re out and about during the winter and you’re feeling a bit cold, chances are you’ll put on a hat or another layer of clothing. If you’re sitting at home watching television and the same thought strikes you, you’re more likely to turn on your heating. Now, what if we …

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