Editorial & Disclosure Policy for Affiliate Links

We here at coolingtowels.com want to provide our readers with the best experience in finding their next cooling products

We’re committed to not only guaranteeing our readers an exceptional time browsing and reading the articles on this page, but we also value transparency in all that we do.

Written below are some of our internal processes when it comes to our editorial process, as well as our Amazon affiliate link policy.

Our Editorial Insights

In today’s world, overheating and heat fatigue is increasingly becoming a very serious problem. Many people have medical conditions that make them prone to overheating, this is the main reason why we wanted to start this site.

We provide detailed lists, recommendations, and general advice when it comes to choosing cooling products.

Our articles go through an extensive process of research, brainstorming, collaboration, writing, and revisions before they get published. This process is what we think separates us from the competition. The quality and accuracy of our content is our highest priority.

Amazon Affiliate Links and Associate Programs

In an effort to avoid confusion and to promote transparency between us and our readers, we understand that you might not particularly enjoy being advertised to.

In some of our articles, mostly in guides and lists that offer links to products that we’ve reviewed, we do include amazon affiliate links in them. We earn a small commission every time a purchase is made through one of our links.

We hold the trust of our readers with the highest regards, and we want to assure you that our reviewers remain unbiased in their opinions. We do not disclose which of the products we present them are affiliated with us. This gives our reviewers the necessary impartiality that we desire.

Moving forward, we hope that you become more confident in trusting us with our recommendations and guides through our continuing campaign for honesty and transparency.

The coolingtowels.com Team

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