Duvet Alternatives For Hot Summer Nights

What Can I Use Instead Of Duvets?

This unpredictable summer weather can often leave us in a predicament over what to do about bedding in the warmer months. Overnight temperatures can go from sweltering one night to chilly the next, leaving us tossing and turning and waking up either sweating or shivering. Aside from picking up the best cooling sheets on the market, what else can I use to keep myself cool in the summer nights?

So, what can we do to ensure we get a comfortable and restful night’s sleep in the summer months?

Get Yourself A Multi-tog Duvet

Investing in a multi-tog duvet to carry you through all the seasons is the simplest solution if you want the simplest answer, and means you can use the same duvet covers all year round. These clever duvet sets include one very light tog duvet and one medium tog duvet, with snap buttons on the corners so that you can combine them to create one heavy tog duvet. In the summer, you can simply use the lighter of the duvets to allow more heat to escape and not get trapped near your body.

This allows you to have the warmth you need in the winter by using the two duvets combined, and the light bedding you need in the summer by using the lightest one on its own. You can then use the medium weight duvet for the shoulder seasons.

Switch To Natural Fibers

Natural fibers help you to regulate your temperature as they are more breathable than synthetic fibers. Many bed sheets and duvet sets are a polyester-cotton blend; polyester is a synthetic fiber and traps heat so look for natural fibers instead.

Don’t get too hung up on a high thread count though – it may feel more luxurious but it also makes for a denser feeling fabric, which will be warmer. Also consider a light feather duvet, cotton or wool-filled pillows, or cotton, bamboo, or lyocell material blanket.

And don’t forget your nightwear. You can opt for natural fabrics there too and you’ll have a much more comfortable night’s sleep in those hot summer nights.

For The More Inventive Out There

While bedding is one way to keep cool at night, there are other tricks for staying comfortable when the nights get a little warmer.

Dry air in your bedroom can dehydrate you, meaning you wake up parched in the middle of the night. Running a cool-mist humidifier can help combat this, but only try this in dry weather – the last thing you want is a soggy sheet.

Another trick is to use a cool gel pad inside your pillowcase to keep your head and neck cool, you won’t have to disturb your sleep to flip the pillow around to find a cool spot!

Lastly, a quick and easy solution is to make yourself a cold water bottle – take a regular hot water bottle, fill it with water from the tap, and pop it in the fridge during the day. Then at bedtime, put it on your feet, behind your knees, or under your neck to keep you feeling cool and fresh while you sleep.


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