Top Summer Doggy Essentials

What To Get Your Dog This Summer

The dog days of summer are just right around the corner, and that means spending all day outside with your pooch. From dog cooling mats to hydrating dog toys, and even the best cooling vests, summer must-haves will keep your pup having fun in the sun for longer, especially now that the summers are getting hotter and hotter.

Outdoor Doggie Beds

Playing outside is overrated. Laying outside is where all the fun is. With easy-to-install outdoor doggie beds, your pooch can hang out with you all day, even if there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is beaming down. The two biggest ways a dog bed gets hot on sunny days is exposure to direct sunlight from above and the ground overheating below. This one is raised and has a canopy, protecting from both of these heat sources. It’s also made from breathable fabric, which will keep your canine comfy.

Outdoor Water Dispenser

If your dog wants to stay and play outside in the sun, how do you make sure she keeps hydrated? It won’t take long for a bowl of water to become contaminated with hair, mud and creepy crawlies. Outdoor doggy water dispensers solve this problem by giving pups access to fresh water at the paw of a button. Simply connect the split-adapter to your hose, and your pooch can quench her thirst whenever she likes. It’s as convenient as water dispensers can get. It’s not at all hard to train your dog to use the dispenser.

You can also use it indoors. Just remember to place it in a place you don’t mind getting wet, or you can just put something underneath the dispenser to sop up the water so it doesn’t go everywhere.

Doggie Sun Visors

From droopy sun hats in Renaissance portraits to cowboy hats from the days of the Old West, shady headwear has been used by humans for sun protection for centuries, so why not protect our dogs in the same way? Doggie sun visors are caps with ear holes that welcome even the pointiest of ears to protrude through comfortably, and a strap underneath that keeps it safe and secure on the head of active pups all day long. Out dogs had no trouble keeping them on, as long as you but a hat that’s properly sized for your dog’s head.

Dog Sun Balm

Every dog is susceptible to sunburn. Even the hairiest of hounds have vulnerable spots with less fur covering the skin. Dog sun protection balms are a great way to help keep your dog safe without the toxic ingredients found in certain human sunscreens. You can use it on your puppy’s nose, ears and other exposed areas to protect, soothe and heal by adding moisture. Pair it with a dog coat and body spray to disperse the protectant evenly across your pup. 

Dog balms are made of natural ingredients that are specifically made for dogs. However, you can do your due diligence and double-check what your dog balm contains to make sure that it’s puppy safe.

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